Schwarzenegger signs Calif anti-paparazzi law

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    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law on Friday tripling damages celebrities can win from paparazzi if they are assaulted during a shoot and denying the photographers profits from any pictures taken during an altercation.

    The new law comes as Los Angeles authorities try to crack down on aggressive photographers following a series of altercations involving actresses Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson, among others.

    As an actor, Schwarzenegger had testified against two photographers convicted in a 1998 incident involving him and his wife. He also once lobbied for a buffer zone protecting celebrities.

    "We always said that the only way we would be able to curb dangerous behavior by these paparazzi was by going after their motivation, and that is being able to make enormous, outrageous profits," said the bill's author, California Assemblywoman Cindy Montanez, a Democrat representing suburban Los Angeles.

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