Scent of change

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    Its childish, lemme accept it, pls dont ban me for posting
    but its true, these days I remember all I've ever had so far. mebbe happens when you long to see your own ppl around :(

    Those were the days of sweet childhood,
    of mockery and innocence.
    To run at the slightest chance,
    and follow clouds and aeroplanes.

    I wonder when it all changed,
    New people, same world;
    With a tinge of reticence,
    Life like a curtain unfolds.

    It passed away so slow,
    days never seemed to end.
    Till it disappeared over the horizon,
    bringing with it, a scent of change.

    Spring and autumn, so quick the seasons pass,
    With me none I could bring.
    I never got time to stay,
    never had my chance to sing.

    It was all a scent of change,
    till came a trench so deep, I fell,
    The day that nobody knew,
    the day I lost a friend like you.

    I wonder who made me this,
    Was it you, him or her?
    A sunny boy, a lonely king,
    Who played the game, who threw the cards.

    Since then no cloud has ever rained,
    no sun ever shone.
    Days are dark and misty,
    my early days are forever gone.

    This road seems long and weary,
    The path I took never takes me back,
    I see the course I should've taken,
    Its small, but atleast not sad.
    How I long to go back again,
    follow simplicity to its end.
    At the border grow trees to shade,
    They give us fruits, with the scent of change.
  2. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    wow .............this is spontanious and inspiring..!

    i liove the way u used the title term, the femanine touch which it geve to the theme make is soft fruitfull jubiliant ..than a dark hardned stoned lively

    3 cheers for u mate ...we r luck to read u !

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