SAWAAL by Aaroh.

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    dear igtians, i do not know much about the pakistani rock music scene. AND i have discovered this band very late. (so late that they had already broken up before i came to know that they even existed) . EXcuse me for being late , but i want u to know that their album sawaal has affected me in someway that made me post this review. this is my first review and i m not a proffessional but i've written whatever i felt like when i heard "SAWAAL". THE info regarding the band comes from the net and the review comes from "ME". i didnt buy the album, downloaded songs from the interenet so they may not ne in the order in which they appear in the album.

    here we go.

    BAnd : Aaroh , meaning: to ascend.WInner of battle of bands against ENtity paradigm & other 19 band of pakistan.

    line up:
    Kamran Khan: Keyboardist

    Farooq Ahmed: The Lead vocalist,

    Nabeel Nihal: Lead Guitarist,

    Khalid Khan: Bass Guitarist,

    Aaroh's Sawaal is one of the best debut albums u'll ever come across.

    1.SAwaal - is the tilte track of the album , which is definately a show stealer because it projects the very best of every band member.
    THE effect created by kamran on the keyboard are mesmerizing.
    THE vocal ability of farooq are outstanding as he manages to take multiple notes so fast and so effortlessly. His classical training becomes evident during the post bridge of the song.
    THE guitaring of Nabeel is as good , if not better than farooqs vocals. the lead peice sounds as classical as the ragas sung by a trainded pro in indian classical.

    2.Aik din- is an ordinary song made special by extraordinary musicians.

    3. NA KAHO-Melodious and rhythmic song that will touch the heart beat of its listener..

    4 DIL ki BATOn ko. : this is the most catchy song in the whole album. the effects are very much on the techno side by the keyboardist while the drums put some energy by varying the pace and pattern during the song.

    THE guitaring is the highlight of the song. THis will be one of the best guitar leads which suit the song they are in . full marks to nabeel.

    5.Hoor- an intrumental piece though played beautifully leaves the listner dissatisfied as if something is missing---- what is it?---------it's FArookhs voice.

    6.Zarb- another intrumental in the album but with a background of some singing by farookh and some words spoken . does not leave the effect that they intend on the listner but ....surely a very gooood composition and a impressive guitar riff.
    and great guitaring again.

    7.AAG KI taraH- if you are looking for soul in a song then here it is. MY personal favourite . IT doesnot have a difficult lead OR a very technichally rich vocals like SaWAAL but has something that will make u fall in love with the song. GREAT Lyrics & And fantastic composition & full marks to Farookh for singing it with feelings.

    '8.Duniya' and are ordinary song with a ordinary tune

    9. JEeYEay-.Aaroh's own national song is extremely catchy due to its tune and energized vocals of Farooq who has sung in his highest pitch.the song will leave u with a fire to do anything and surely bring out patriotism , no matter which country u belong too. Farooq impresses a lot along with the others- Kamran,
    Nabeel and Khalid.

    10.Ajnabee.- is the kind of song that everybody cant relate to but only peoply who have been in a confused relationship might get it. but the guitar work and the composition are good. but farooqh Vocal abilities are not use to its fullest.

    11. Ankhein - is probably the least impressive song in the whole album. its starts of really well but later when the lyrics come in , they somehow dont gel with the music.

    12. JAlan- the lyrics of this song remind me of the song BHeegi bheegi raton mein by "adnan sami" because of the part "mere khwabo mein aao na, ya to meri baho mein aao na"......i dont know whether they ripped it or it just happens to be the same. but the tune of the song is good and the after effect of the song is lasting.

    I give **** stars to the album.

    its a must listen(or must buy) for music listner who likes fusion,rock, classical singin.

    OR lets say for peoplr " WHO like good sensible music"

    Aaroh :rock:
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    ^nice review...
  3. ak&guitar

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    thanx dude :beer: ;)
  4. Aka Oz

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    thx for information
  5. ak&guitar

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    welcome OZ
  6. Aka Oz

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    but ak the new lineup of aaroh sukssss now...........NABEEL NIHAL rockss btw he;s sreachin for a vocalist
  7. ak&guitar

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    yeah dude.........aaroh is incomplete without nabeels Electrifying guitaring..........

    and i heard that nabeel has got RAhat Fateh ali khan as the new vocalist?

    and ya whats the new line up of aaroh, could tell me bout it?
  8. Aka Oz

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    yaaaaar there are 2 new.........A new guitarist and a Bassist->i think
  9. ak&guitar

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    i saw the new line up.............the bassist is the same but there is a new guitarist,

    no keyboardist
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    Aaroh is (was) one of the best bands of pakistan. This is one of the best debut albums on earth. Their guitarist Nabeel is simply mind-blowing. For a sample of his guitaring, listen to Hoor and Ajnabi. And dont download their stuff, buy the original CD. Even I bought it, after searching the whole of toronto for months.
    Your review doesnt do any justice to their album. Learn how to write reviews first, especially for albums like these which deserve better written reviews. For example
    "'8.Duniya' and are ordinary song with a ordinary tune"

    Anyways, the new lineup of Aaroh
    Farooq on Vocals (he gained legal rights to the name "Aaroh")
    Khalid Khan on bass guitars
    Haider on Lead/Rhythm Guitars
  11. m_waleed86

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    ^^ Jason on drums in addtion
  12. ak&guitar

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    U r tellin me how to reveiw AAROh..........for ur kind info it was my fave band.........

    but i cant be partial just because i like almost everything that they made....

    this review is a general perception and a bit based on technicallities....still i think i have been a little partial coz i love the music that they make.....

    and yes "Duniya' is an ordinary song with a ordinary tune"

    u think i havent done justice then u do some thing......

    oh i know what u can do/......just right the name of the song and say itz best song ever made .....:RollLol: or just go on on about why it is so good......

    i m not a pro ............u must be ....or must be thinkin that u r ......


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