save india's history. (about 2500 year old)

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    please sign the petition here -

    and before that read the following article and the subsequent links supplied.

    There is a fascinating place near Kolkata (West Bengal, India) where a bustling town from the days of Emperor Asoka is buried under the present day ricefields and village cottages. If you go there, you won't see much at first. But look down on the ground you're walking on, and you'll see something unusual. The ground appears strewn with a variety of potsherds. In fact, whenever the ground of Chandraketugarh is dug to build a house or to dig a pond, a variety of elegant and sophisticated artifacts is routinely unearthed.

    All available information points to a mature civilization centered around a busy port, which started flourishing in this area more than 2000 years ago. Indeed, it is thought to belong to the kingdom of a "mighty ruler" of whom Alexander the Great was familiar. Plutarch wrote about a powerful tribe called "Gangaridae" living near a prosperous port "Gange" in the Gangetic delta. From geographical description the Chandraketugarh area can be linked to this port.

    The inhabitants of Chandraketugarh achieved spectacular artistic refinement and created artifacts of exquisite beauty. Influence of foreign art raises intriguing questions. The numerous materials collected from this site point to a rich cultural and social life. Why did it vanish without a trace? We embark upon a journey to learn more, especially through the terracotta art of Chandraketugarh.
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    just one reply and one sign !!

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    Signed it!
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    Signed it :grin:
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    let me try a carrot.....


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    huh!, if this e-signing petition, was to save this precious piece of history, i am sure all 100,000+ members of IGT would have signed ..
    ... you need awareness at the lowest level, write to PM or the authorities incharge, there is a good chance that these people might not be aware of such namesake petitioning websites ..
    there is no need to boast that you care by starting or signing some silly old petition .. it might work!! it just might do!! .. but i wont take a gamble when so much is at stake ..
    signed that anyway ..
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    its a start.

    once i get enough signs i'll alert the news agencies and govt agencies.
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    all the best for that mate ....
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    signed it....Best Of Luck Jammy....How exactly can i get to this place if i want to?...
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    How to get there:

    Chandraketugarh is on the Kolkata-Barasat-Basirhat Road, which you can approach through Jessore Road to the north. For those interested, it is situated at Latitude 22.41'N and Longitude 88.42'E. If you are trying to save time, the best way to get to Chandraketugarh is by car. Rented cars cost in the range of Rs. 50 to Rs. 75 per hour depending on the make and condition of the car. If you are trying to save money and have longer time to spend, you can take a Basirhat-bound private bus from Shyambazar which will bring you within walking distance from Chandraketugarh. In either case, your destination is "Beracha(m)pa'r More" or the intersection of Berachampa. If you are coming from Calcutta, you need to take a right-turn at the Berachampa'r More and within a mile you'll notice on your left a rather dilapidated noticeboard from the ASI declaring it to be a protected place. This is the beginning of the ramparts.

    Most of the area surrounding the ramparts is already inhabited or cultivated. Any large scale excavation will affect the people and it will be very difficult to coordinate such an effort. It might be interesting to do an aerial survey and apply some recent photographic techniques to see if they reveal any underground structure. With this knowledge one can do a more efficient and focussed excavation.
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    Done Mate, even though I agree with Shahrukh
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    ooh, ooh!!!!

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    # 12 and 14............. i have to spread some first
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    Signed .....
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    i forgot to say:

    SIGNED!! :grin:
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