Save for that Day

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    In my mind for the future,
    I see freedom, joy and light.
    Unknown dreams are far away,
    and a horizon is still not in sight.

    Today is too weary to wish for,
    Not many words I say.
    So I fix my eyes in the unknown joy,
    My poetry, I save for that day.

    I hope the winds blow to help me,
    and the waves carry me close;
    The stars show me the way,
    to somewhere I start to go.
    A place that I call my home,
    is now only a third's away.
    So I look forward to see the coast,
    My poetry, I save for that day.

    The lost tourneys of the past,
    have long since been forgotten.
    Life calls for a new tomorrow,
    and so afresh I shall begin.

    Bounds of happiness I ask to get,
    Hopes of a solemn surprise.
    A million thoughts I'd soon forget,
    Smell of the air and warm sunrise.

    So close but yet so distant,
    I rise higher to see if I may;
    Just beyond the line that lies my destiny,
    But here the clouds are gray.
    So I cease to think, begin to wonder,
    Its not that far away;
    Someday, I'll be in the home I crave,
    My poetry, I save for that day.
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    madhuresh madhuresh

    Is this really urs????

    this is phantastic some gud litrary shit

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