Sathyameva jayathe - Aamir khan - Chords neede

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  1. tsvijaybabu

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    I am a beginner and still not proficient enough to crack the chords by listening to a song. Could someone please help me with the chrods of Sathyameva jayathe song?

    Thank you,
  2. jimihndrx

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    'Satyamev Jayete'(ft. Aamir Khan)
    Tabbed by me (jimihndrx)
    (Em7)tera rang aisa (Em6)chad gaya
    (A7)koi aur rang na (Em)chad sake
    (Em7)tera naam sine(Em6)pe likha
    (A7)har koi aake (Em)pad sake
    (C/G)hai junoon hai (Dsus2)hai junoon hai
    (D)mere ishq ka yeh(C)junoon hai
    (C/G)rag rag mein ishq mera (Dsus2)daudta
    (D)yeh bawra sa (C)khoon hai
    (G/B)tune hi (D)sikhaya
    (Am7)sacchaiyon ka (Em)matlab
    (G/B)tere paas aake(D)jana(Am7)mene zindagi ka (Em)maqsad
    (Em)satyamev.. satyamev.. satyamev (A)jayete...
    (Em7)saccha hain pyar (Em6)mera (Em7)satyamev (A)jayete
    rest of the song is same try it.
  3. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    Is it tough to play?
  4. tsvijaybabu

    tsvijaybabu New Member

    Thanks a lot. I will try it.
  5. guitarns

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    Hey do you have tabs for these?
  6. mystic_beats

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    does any one have the full tabs (into) and also the lead tabs ? if so please help....require it urgently. my id is ..

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