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  1. Menon

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    HEyya All..

    I jus saw Sarkar and I thought it was really good..nothing that I'd rave abt and remember for too long, but the performances and the direction was par excellence to my novice eyes!!
    Bachchan Saab and Kay Kay Menon stand out..Abhisek isn't as good as every1 makes him out to be..he just wasn't as intense as I tht he'd be..The women are all in good form..Katrina looks like a heaven send, a celestial being, a marble Venus di Milo, buttery skin and flowing hair...ok cool..I'm gonna stop now..BUt she's the best man..and she can act a bit, to boot, but don't take my word for it..
    I'm bound to think she can save the World if it comes to that!!!
    Some really sinister characters and intense acting..doesn't hold even a match stick to The Godfather, but definitely worth a watch...
    I've more of a critique..but I'll let you guys decide!!
    Take it easy!!
  2. Menon

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    O Btw..
    I titled it SarCar cos there are some killer cars in the flick..nothing you wouldn't see in our cities, but elegant and rich looking all the same!!
    TOke it Easy
  3. aysh

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    yeah the movie's dashing.. top notch performances .. but Jr. B was great too, dont know why u didnt like him as much.. katrina acted decently too .. even KK's acting was brilliant. the closeups just intensify the whole thing

    which Godfather u talking about.. the novel or the movie.. coz i got bored in the movie ..oops :)
  4. dlogic

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    its a good movie........i have read the review

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