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    At Rs.~2.7k a ticket, that's quite some experience to be had. LoG is supposed to be performing in the same week or something too along with one more international act I think that I can't remember at the moment. All in the coming few weeks of October, in Delhi & Bengaluru, not sure about Mumbai or Pune performances. Hope it doesn't rain during those events:mad:

    So who's going?
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    I'll be there .. Let me know if any other guys are gonna be around, we can team up :)
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    Bloody "Simple Plan" is coming to mumbai..Thats it!!!! :(
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    Loads of gigs in Bangalore in the coming months... There's Enrique Iglesias also touring India :p:
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    KOLKATA >> Forever Alone

    I don't get one thing... If any international band decides to tour a country, why not play in all major cities instead of just one? Improves their profit, keeps them happy, keeps us satisfied as well...

    So why is kolaveri di?
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    I guess the terror threats, frequent flight delays, lack of airport parking spaces for planes & congested city traffic is putting off alot of acts from showing up. Not to mention certain orange flag group(SS ;)) opposing/protesting certain foreign forms of music from being performed live. This used to be the central city to catch most international acts in the past apart from Delhi.

    I thought he was performing in Pune only. Surely one would expect alot of female fans to show up for this event from various parts of the country :cool:

    Suprising the city doesn't get alot of attention from Int'l artists. It's well suited for stuff like that. No recent terror threats, plenty of space, alot of people into music there. Strangely most of the east coast side of the country doesn't seem to attract a lot of acts. Can't remember any major events I've heard of happening in Chennai :think:
    I can see why a Int'l band aren't able to tour all the major cities in the country considering the transportation of band equipment & availablility of high quality PA stuff being a pain, but a bit of location spread from the organizers would have been effective to say the least.

    It seems the focus is slowly shifting towards Pune now, I guess the city planning has been done really well there. For those in Mumbai it would be okay I think, the Express Highway they had constructed there is supposed to get you between the two cities in some 2 hours or something, can't remember exactly.

    Oh well it's good that we are atleast getting different genres based performances in India, sometime ago it was mostly Pop artists. The other genres hardly used to receive much advertising if any, I didn't even know when Mr.Big had performed in India before :shock:
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    Did they? Where did you here that?

    As far as Kolkata is concerned, it has had very few international acts.... The only ones I can recall are Joe Satriani's show and the latest concert by Poets of the Fall...

    According to the POTF tour manager (who had managed other bands too), their gig in our city was among the five best gigs he had ever experienced or managed... They repeatedly kept mentioning about how "surreal" the concert in our city, specifically was, in their twitter and facebook updates....
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    Goddamnit! Wrong effing thread! :mad:


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