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    ...found it nice...not mine...nyways read on...

    I have scars I wish I didn't have,
    But the blood that trickled away,
    The blood you saw running from my arm,
    The blood you tried to stop,

    Made me feel good,
    And I laughed in your face and said that it wouldn't hurt,
    But I was wrong,
    It hurt and they scarred,
    but it made me feel good,
    And I was falling away from you,
    I was laughing you were crying,
    I was falling into the pool of blood,
    You reached for me,
    You kissed my face and asked,
    "what have you done?"
    And I replyed through my laughter,
    "escaped, escaped from this pain my dearest love can't you see? I am free"
    But you didn't understand,
    You placed your arms around my waist,
    And begged me not to go,
    You were full of blood,
    My blood,
    I carried on laughing,
    I knew I would be free,
    You carried on crying,
    You didn't understand,
    Laughing I reached for the pool of blood in front of me,
    And wrote on the walls with the red,
    "i am free now"
    You cried harder and I laughed harder,
    Because I knew I was going to be safe.
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    Nice poem.....
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    death angel the messenger from hell

    How Do You Write Such Stuff?????
    Teach Me!!!
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    Nice poem screw!

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