Sadda Haq Guitar Solo Part in Guitar Pro

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by alexis_alicia, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. alexis_alicia

    alexis_alicia New Member

    Mid solo part with drums....

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  2. Arindam Dey

    Arindam Dey New Member

    I do not understand why there is no thanks comment for this great effort.... I have gone through many tabs available on this solo in the internet, but did not find any one perfect, but this one I must say is nearest to perfection... atleast better then all the other available in the net...

    Reps for you bro... Good Job... Keep it up
    Thanks :)
  3. Diez

    Diez New Member

    Gr8 Job........
    Its working.........
  4. alexis_alicia

    alexis_alicia New Member

    Thnkx guys.......any more requests??

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