Sach Mere Yaar Hai ......sagar

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    Sach Mere Yaar Hai, Bas Wohi Pyaar Hai
    s r sn s p p s r sn s p p
    . .

    Jiske Badle Mein Koi To Pyaar De
    nd n S Sn d pdp mg mpm g r

    Baaqi Bekaar Hai, Yaaru Mere.... Ohhh yaaru Mere
    r g rss p p rg rs s s rg rg rs s s

    Charanam 1

    Jis Haath Mein Ik Haath Hai
    p p d n S dd R n nS

    Us Haath Ki Kya Baat Hai
    dd S d dn dn dn d pdp

    Kya Faasle Kya Manzilein
    d n nS dR RGRSnRS

    Ik Humsafar Gar Saath Hai
    dd Sd d dn n n dn d pdp

    Jiski Qismat Koii Yoon Sanvaar De
    d n S Sn n d pd p mg mpmg r

    Vo Hi Dildaar Hai, Yaaru Mere.... Ohhh yaaru Mere
    r g r ss p p rg rs s s rg rg rs s s

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    This is my first aint a req for chords or sumthing ...well il post a few myself soon..but hey manish could u plz use this version of tab specification ...!!

  3. hemkir

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    Manish it sounds great but can u put that in more user-friendly format like...

    strings, frets, and fingers to be used

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