(sabse bada chor kaun) Anu Malik V/s Himesh Reshmaya V/s Other copier

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Biggest copier

Poll closed Jan 4, 2006.
  1. Anu Malik

  2. Himesh reshamiya

  3. Bappi Lahiri

  1. knight_guitar

    knight_guitar Lead Guitarist

    Now this is some issue... which needs to be discussed.. Y indian music is copying others music y can't just they create there own . I got some options..Vote for the biggest and Crappiest MUsic director

    1. Anu Malik

    2. Himesh Reshamiya

    3. Bappi Lahiri

    Some might take this funny but it's something to think about, one should not actually promote such stuffs..
  2. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    Looks like everyone is after Anu Malik.... me too.... :cool:
  3. knight_guitar

    knight_guitar Lead Guitarist

    Yeah... everyone loves anu malik but.. please mind it fellas beside anu malik . himesh reshamiya and bappi lahiri also copied song and well let me tell u

    himesh reshamiya copied "ali zafar's - Rangeen" (Seen the movie Aashiq banaya aapne ?)

    Bappi lahiri copied "oh my god do i've to give examples for him as well ? ???

    just few examples... so that.. u don't think 'anu malik' is the biggest chor out here

    he got a tough competition if go by facts
  4. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    True! There are a lot of copycats out there but every1 seems to focus on Anu Malik. Rajesh Roshan for that matter has copied a lot of Vangelis tracks......
  5. knight_guitar

    knight_guitar Lead Guitarist

    Rajesh roshan.. yeah he is unofficially in this copycat crown as well..
  6. can_i_play

    can_i_play New Member

    what about laxmikant-pyarelal...Maine pyaar kiya???
    Copied most of the tracks frm this album...
  7. knight_guitar

    knight_guitar Lead Guitarist

    Bhagwaan ka shukra hai ek baande ne toh anu malik ko vote nahi diya (y)
  8. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    why isnt pritam on that list...
  9. Aka Oz

    Aka Oz /\K/\ - Ozy

    Anu malik is sabse bada chor ( we can compare him to atif aslam heheheheh LOL)
  10. knight_guitar

    knight_guitar Lead Guitarist

    Yaar tu Aatif ke peeche kyu pada rehta hain hamesha.. i know he is weird.. but .. this is suppposed to be bollywood music industry chords and mind it atif aslam is not a music director
  11. Aka Oz

    Aka Oz /\K/\ - Ozy

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh k .....coz i hate atif
  12. m_waleed86

    m_waleed86 KhaMosh GhuStAk

    Anu Anu Anu Anu Anu Malik!
  13. Varshita

    Varshita New Member

    I would say Bappi Lahiri... he wins Hands down !!
    I have one point... why does himesh.. sing while looking up... as if the audience are sitting on first floor !!
    ... and doing some strange and funny actions with his left arm.... makes me laugh each time i see him performing... or singing live...lol
  14. knight_guitar

    knight_guitar Lead Guitarist

    can i ask u something.. y u diggin the old threads :-| ????
  15. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    If she's a real noob, she wouldnt.

    And why do these guys copy: People listen to them. They get money, thats why they do it...

    btw: I wouldnt call this old...
  16. knight_guitar

    knight_guitar Lead Guitarist

    nevermind .. but dude.. but this thread was dead.. !!!!
  17. maria18

    maria18 New Member

    Anu Malik yo yo yo..biggest copier hehehe
  18. metalarmy

    metalarmy New Member

    true said mate

    Rajesh roshan is big fan of Composor Vangelis and copies his stuf a lot
    sale sub chor hai

  19. Guitarist_DA

    Guitarist_DA New Member

    Pritam is the biggest chor.

    Well as in this case,

    Gali gali mein shor hai,
    Anu Malik saala chor hai!!
  20. gothic_satan

    gothic_satan New Member

    guys how about adding Preetam to the list as well....the biggest hits of today r stolen...
    1. Pahali Nazar ...Movie Race

    2. Tu hi meri shab hai ...MOvie Gangster

    3. Bhool Bhulaiyyan ...title track ....

    all r srolen from Korean tracks by our own Preetam

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