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    :rockon: These are the first Tabs i've ever put on this site,,, and first tabs ever,..... i noe its short so if anyone can fix or finish this that would be great!!! :rockon:


    E |----------------------------------------------------------------||
    B |---4---6---2---4-----6----2---4----9999---4----6------7--------||
    G |----------------------------------------------------------------||
    D |----------------------------------------------------------------||
    A |----------------------------------------------------------------||
    E |----------------------------------------------------------------||
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    hey! good job! these tabs are great!
  3. jacko

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    hey dude

    u can also try this
    chord A6/9is simple baare chord- !second fret!----
    1st string------------ !F#
    2 !C#
    3 !A
    4 !E
    5 !B
    6 !F#
    A CHORDwith 6,9 note,s put your first finger barr over all6 string,s of 2n,d put 2nd finger over firstfinger push and can also use 4or 5string,s.
    A6/9 A6/9 A Em
    sanso ko sanson main dhelne do jera.
    A6/9 A6/9 A Em
    dheeme si dhadken ko , badne do jera.
    G C
    lamhon ki gu jaris hai ye.
    F#m A
    paas aa ja yen.
    Bm G G A
    hum---- hum-- tum--
    Bm G G A (Em)-once
    tum-- hum-- tum-----
    A6/9 A6/9 A em
    aankho main hamko uterne do jera
    A 6/9 A6/9 A em,
    baanhon main hamko pighlne do jera
    G C
    lamhon ki gu jaris hai ye
    F#m A
    paas aa ja yen
    Bm G G A
    hum -- hum-- tum
    Bm G G A (Em)-one time
    tum --hum-- tum----
    sanson ko---

    G Bm G Bm
    salvaten kahain karvatain kahain.
    A-----------------------------------A. (Bm)
    phail jaye kaajel bhi teraa-aa--ooo-
    G Bm G Bm
    nazron main ho gujerta hua
    A A A (Em) --ONCE
    khwabon kaa koi kafila--aa---

    jismon ko roohon koj alne do jera-----so on:
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    hey cool one buddy... carry on ur gr8 work..

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