Saajna Unplugged Falak Shabir Chords - { I Me aur Main }

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    Strumming pattern included in the comment section of the page.

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    nice work Akschan!!
    here is how iam hearing it:
    In the Chorus section:
    (C)Jude jo tere (Dm)khawab se
    (Dm)Toh toote hum (A#)neend se
    (A#)Yeh kaisa tera (Dm)ishq hai...(C) Saaj(A#)na..(C)
    same progression follows on... [Play Dm7 instead of Dm in chorus it will sound more authentic]

    In the Bridge section:
    (Dm)Tere (C)bina (Dm)kabhi
    (Dm)raatein na (C)ho (Dm)meri
    (Dm)Tere ka(Gm)reeb (F)ho,
    (A#)mere yeh (C)din (Dm)sabhi
    same progression follows on...
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    Thanks Jimi!!!!!
    Yes Jimi, what you are hearing is right, but the thing is we make chords according to the song, in which one can sing and play with the perfect progression. In the original song, they uses a lot of instrument due to which they give only additional effect of strumming at specific points that too the major dissolute chords.
    Jimi try singing and playing the version Acgenguitar(akschan) has posted, I am sure you will say that is the perfect one.

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    @Akschan - Reps man, amazing work bro!
  7. Akschan

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    Your welcome. Enjoy.

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