Roya Re ACCURATE CHORDS (shiraz uppal)

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  1. madhav_bansal

    madhav_bansal New Member

    D A
    Tanhaai sangdil tanhaai
    D A
    Sang laayi..yaad teri sang laayi
    Bm A G D
    Baar baar woh bahaar phir se yaad aayi
    Bm A G D
    Sooni sooni raah dil ki jisne thhi sajaayi
    Bm A
    Tanhaa dil
    Bm A G
    Roya re..dil roya re
    Bm A G
    Roya re..dil roya re
  2. prince_raj

    prince_raj New Member

    that is note the right chords....

    Tanhai... sang dil tanhai.. sang laai yaad teri sang laai..
    D Bm A G
    baar baar woh bahaar phir se yaad aai
    D Bm A G D Bm A G
    sooni sooni raah dil ki jisne thi sajaai
    D Bm A G D Bm A G

    roya re...... dil roya re....
    Bm A G A
    roya re...... dil roya re....
    Bm A G A

    chand sooraj bhi wohi hai.....hai wohi aasmaan...
    D Bm A G
    zindagi bhi chal rahi hai.... chal raha hai jahaann
    Bm A G A
    main hi thehra hoon...khud mein simta hoon
    D Bm
    dil hai ghum se bhara..bin tere kaise jiyun main kuch to de mashwara
    A G D Bm A G

    Baar baar..........................

    that is the right one..
    plz if any correction.....
  3. atiq

    atiq 4amanth2_2t1q

    nice Thnx.was waiting for a long time
  4. adeel zaidi

    adeel zaidi New Member

    Bm how to play this on bar or where ever
  5. sh3b1

    sh3b1 New Member

    Bm :(224432)

    lol and was playing this song and after it i was just strumming hotel carlifornia and i was enjoying suddenly
    crankkk tring tring hehehehe
    darn string broke hahahhaha
  6. prince_raj

    prince_raj New Member


    is this working right
    i m asking u because this is my 1st post on ITG...
    plz reply
  7. sh3b1

    sh3b1 New Member

    well madhav's chords were good and sorry to say raj but u gotta keep a good ear to listen to chords its like u didnt chekd da chords but its ok nice effort even though!
    and thanks madhav!
  8. NiGHtWoLF

    NiGHtWoLF New Member

    Roya re..dil roya re

    Try this :) !
  9. dr_dracula

    dr_dracula New Member

    good work guyz
  10. guitar_lover

    guitar_lover New Member

    wow...great post...culd anyone post the chords of MANN JA WAY..(shiraz uppal)...please

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