Roxen: Tau phir aao SOLO

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  1. Double A

    Double A New Member

    Hey guys

    Solo of this song is cool, and mine ver. is tht easy for beginners, so try it out!

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  2. Double A

    Double A New Member

    Come on guys
    10 views and not a SINGLE reply :aggre:
    I want remarks if u played them
  3. NICE TRY man they r good but i think so faiqrock posted better tabs anyways i like this part


    i always play that instead of playing on da B string
  4. Double A

    Double A New Member

    Thanx fer the comments Cool Guitarist
    Anyone else guys!
  5. akhenz.kurt

    akhenz.kurt New Member

    nic tabs man! :)
  6. DaringdudeDD

    DaringdudeDD New Member

    Hi All,plz someone tell me wot r these -8-(7)-8-7-5-(5)(7)-7-8-7 brackets????s means slide h means hammer but what is this small bracket?
  7. tez

    tez New Member

    () means you have to play it three times
  8. vishniki

    vishniki New Member

    nice work man..i was searching 4 this frm ........hell long time man. thnks

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