roxen- sapnay

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  1. grimreeper_007

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    ppl were requesting this song, so here u guyz r.The song is on simple Fmajor sclae.



    dm,A#,C,dm and continue the intro
    mere aankoh ke tootay woh sapnay, un sapnoo ko tume satth do..

    than the same chords in nxt few lines

    than some othr chords on Am,C,A# or some other chord.
    i dont have the prpr lyricws, thtsy its difficult for me to figr the chords.

    do comment on it
  2. Billy1

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    REQ:Did any one know the lead of (TU PHIR Ao) by ROXEN Its urgennttt!!!!!
  3. faiqrock

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