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  1. 7miles

    7miles ____7miles to success____

    well lemme be very honest, just todayi've heard the song roobaroo <akkyy's> i liked it soooooooo much tht just thought of trying it out

    link:-_ :dance:
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  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    Fair Enough!!
    decent strumming,,,vocals need improvement!
    practise for singing in high pitch..and let go dont inhibit even if gets shrill.

    reps for u
  3. 7miles

    7miles ____7miles to success____

    yeah u r right i seriously have to concentrate in mah singing,, well lets c if i get time for da practise:::::: :)
  4. sarang_cool

    sarang_cool New Member

    Nice effort...good strumming and good singing too but can be improved certainly..Keep up the good work.

    Reps for u...:beer:
  5. rjain172

    rjain172 Banned

    He 7miles, d guitaring part was fab! cud u pls tell me d chords & d struming part. I tried out A D A but it didn't work 4 me. I think d chords used in dis song by Rehman r simple & d main game lies in d struming part & d job done in d song is funnndooooo.
  6. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    hey miles,.. nice man,.. guitaring is good!
  7. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    Nice strumming man.. m still looking for it:eek:: . Tho one thing is clear (i was so apprehensive bout my guitar sounding in record) tht we gotta look for better recording evn if we can play well.
    But it rained was really kool. so reps :rock:. Sing the way u can in ur own voice. Thinning the voice is not gng to make better. i mean my perception, shout out loud n try once :beer:

  8. 7miles

    7miles ____7miles to success____

    @ sachooo............. yeah man,, i've gotta fcukin recorgind hardware, though mah software is good enough,,,,, n yeah yeah yeah i've to really work hard on mah vocal coz it sux
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  9. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    Tht's ok! u will do good.. forgot to give reps earlier. now it's there :).
  10. 7miles

    7miles ____7miles to success____

    thanks_________ 4 ur reps!!!

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