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  1. ColDpLaY_FrEaK

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  2. knight_guitar

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    ok.. u uploaded that on coolgoose.. no problem .. but u choosed the wrong forum to post it.. !! but it's ok dude.. ur a newbie here.. so chalta hain.. admins and mods gonna move it anyways :)
  3. akkyy21

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    HEy cold_play,. y 2 threads man?

    Am gonna delete one of yrs tonight,... u decide till then wch one u wanna reply to.
  4. CrYpTiC_angel

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  5. rizaaj

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    ahem.. u gonna get better replies in the Soundtrack forum...

    Thread Moved...
  6. ColDpLaY_FrEaK

    ColDpLaY_FrEaK New Member give feedbacks.............

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