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  1. surmayee

    surmayee New Member

    For the romantics (and oldies :p: ) I am attaching chords + tabs for Chaudvin ka Chand and Suhani raat Dhal chuki. If there is a demand for Rafi songs I will post some more - let me know. For the moment enjoy dudes.

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  2. lalbamboo

    lalbamboo New Member

    great post..............could you post some more rafi songs like

    ek haseen sham ko
    o my love - night in london
    ehsaan tera hoga mujh par
  3. atthanii

    atthanii Theif Slayer

    nice post dude...dat was awesome
  4. raj_aryan

    raj_aryan Moderator

  5. atthanii

    atthanii Theif Slayer

    YEA WELL i m like dat....
  6. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    guyz.. this is surmayee's thrd.. :) lets not foul mouth this thrd..
    gr8 wrk surmayee. wil chk ur work out.. i liked tht post of urs too whr u postd sum unusual chrds used by RD..
    u rock :rock:.. :)
    and reps 2 u ...

    i thot surmayye was a grl.. :(
  7. atthanii

    atthanii Theif Slayer

    hehehehehe..i call every1 a dude....i's a boston thing i guess
  8. surmayee

    surmayee New Member

    Thanks dudes for your comments. I will try to post some more soon. Request to all out there.Please show IGT and its members some respect guys - there is no need to use offensive language in a public forum.
  9. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    @atthanii, i do hope that you want to get banned, cause you're doing everything required for it. This is my last warning to you. Even on the other thread i've officially warned you once. The person in question might have copied some stuff before and posted it as his own, but unless you can give us conclusive evidence that his chords are not his work, i think you better shut your mouth! Dont get the feeling that you're a messiah to this website or something, and in your words, if you're "like dat..." well, you'll be out just "like dat..." as well.
  10. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    thr is no doubt tht raj has a penchant 4 copyin stuffs n postin under his name.. i hav come across various posts in da past whr some othr ppl too hav raised this same question..
    even Arindam da caught him doin this silly thing.. and i hav gr8 respect for Arindam da.. not only me.. all da guyz in da bengali forum n sum othrs too..
    Some of his posts like Nile Nile Ambar tabs n stuff r SURELY not his..
    i jus came across his post of a simple voal melody tabs of 'Gum hai kisiki pyar mein' whr he goofd up.. [NOTE: I am not makin fun of u(raj) 4 goofin up da simple tabs.. i do tht all da time.. but da point is if he bluffs up tht 1.. i don see the neele neele ambar tabs n most of da chrds he posts 2 be his work..
    the fact tht he so blatantly claimed da poems n shayaris to be his own work which was l8r pointd out by atthani proves a point i guess..

    i dont think thr is ny harm copyin sum1 elses work and postin thm which wud help othr ppl.. but it wud be REALLY NICE if u(raj) cud include his name in tht post of urs.. and giv him due credit.. tht way u wud be apprctd too and wont be a mere thief.
    u might be postin some thing which is truly ur work (like the gum hai kisike tabs.. hopefully) and yet ppl wud be claiming u stole it.

    all said n done.. i don hav nythin agnst u raj.. i jus told u wht i felt..

    also atthani dude.. spare him.. u been hauntin each n every post of his :).. thr aint ny need 2 foul mouth him so much.. i hope he doesnt copy paste ur tabs nyday.. u gonna kill him for sure :Laughing:

    @disturbed mod.. i think those 2 posts by atthani n raj (#4 n #5) in this thrd shud be
    jus my 2 cents.
  11. __DiStUrBeD__

    __DiStUrBeD__ _(¯`·._ÇrãÇKhËäD_.·´¯)_

    Woah!! Raj..whats happening bro..?...
    Anyway....atthanii.. no good bro...Dont use that kinda language Dude.
    Serioulsy this thing has gone so off topic..
    Nice post surmayee... I dunno how to give rep..else i would have given u some..
  12. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    ^Exactly my point Subhro. Just because a person's past record is against him doesnt mean that you can go after him at every instance possible. And for heaven's sake this is a public forum, did you observe the language he's using in the threads?
  13. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    aye aye capn :)..
    nah enuf off-topic..
    i almost forgot surmayee postd some chrds in this thrd :)
  14. atthanii

    atthanii Theif Slayer

    [snip] ........
  15. smriti

    smriti // Silent Observer //

    what the hell is happening in this thread....................if this has to continue like this then its better to close it.
  16. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    WARNING : atthanii - pls do not forget that this is a public forum and foul language which is quite often used by you in this thread is not acceptable , IGT is a clean forum and we can never accept these kind of languages ....

    if you dont want to comment on the post of the poster , dont mess up the thread because of any of your personel grudges ..

    pls check your pm and explain yourself !!!!

    i am leaving this thread open for others to enjoy the chords posted by surmayee and for them to comment - if you are not interested in the topic , you might leave !!!!
  17. surmayee

    surmayee New Member

    I agree. lets move on guys. @moderator please for the future edit out crazy responses because it detracts from the seroius business of music. :mad:
  18. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    @surmayee, we're sorry your thread got hijacked. Wont happen again, we promise:grin:

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