Rocktron vs Boss

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Which pedal do you suggest??

  1. Boss MT-2

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  2. Rocktron Metalplanet

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  3. Any other (withink 5k)

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  1. soundcheck

    soundcheck New Member

    Heyy planning to buy a distortion pedal...i had almost decided on the boss MT-2 when along came a friend of mine to confound me...he suggested i go for a Rocktron Metal Planet distortion pedal..i have absolutely no clue about this rocktron one...i want a decent metal pedal..somthing that will let me play metallica, maiden, bodom etc..i would be obliged if you could give me your opinions on both or if there are any other pedals i might budget if Rs 5k..Thanks a lot...
  2. livfstdieyoung

    livfstdieyoung New Member

    personally i like the mt-2 better..but its a matter of personal taste so
    you should go and compare their sounds at guitar store..
  3. thedisciple

    thedisciple New Member

    Mt-2 or metallizer.
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    First of all: where will you get the Rocktron pedal in India?
  5. distorted

    distorted satan

    I cant say exactly abt rocktron, but mt-2 is gud... If u can stretch it to 6k, get a metallizer.
  6. livfstdieyoung

    livfstdieyoung New Member

    anyone has tried boss-metalcore ?i heard a great deal abou those ...but never saw one at any store ...
  7. soundcheck

    soundcheck New Member

    To alpha1 :Well some shop near Alberto's in malad deals in rocktron pedals...thats what my friend told me..i will confirm and let you know...

    ok so i guess the general consensus is for MT-2 so i plan to go on with my original plan...however i will try both and if possible the metallizer as well..Thanks a lot everyone...
  8. unet

    unet New Member

    Tell me where they have a metallizer.
    I want to try one as well.
  9. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    no point in buying one unless you have a decent amp.
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Ok, from what I remember:
    Boss MT-2 is total analog pedal.
    And will sound really horrible, unless you have a good voiced amp after it.

    and that - Rocktron Metal planet is a digital pedal. Don't remember where I read this.
    Ofcourse being digital and analog shouldn't bother you - but if you are a tone purist, and have a long chain of pedals - digital will definitly make your tone different from what you intend it to be.

    IMO, I found the soundclips on Rocktron site much better.

    Ofcourse, if you are willing to look here and there, there is one AMT metallizer pedal for almopst the amount you have mentioned.
    And with that you can go direct to the PA system or computer or whatever.
    You basically don't need a guitar amp.
  11. unet

    unet New Member

    I do.

  12. mad_spartan

    mad_spartan New Member

    ^^ which amp do you have?
  13. soundcheck

    soundcheck New Member

    I think fate has intervened here....I actually got Rs 1k from my mom which extends my budget to 6k..I think im going in for the AMT Metallizer now!!!! BTW does the metallizer sound good on a Marshall Amp? MG DFX15 is the model i have.
  14. Maxima

    Maxima New Member

    From what I have heard(Maybe wrong) the analog pedals(basically all pedals) are teh better ones from those digital processors as they do not digitally process sound in any way,just use analog sound properties to vary the tone.
    ^^^ only talking about low level processors v/s pedals.
  15. mad_spartan

    mad_spartan New Member

    ^^ ah but analog pedals sound good only if you have a good amp. so people prefer buying processors over pedals. i mean beginners prefer procy over pedals
  16. distorted

    distorted satan

    Nt exactly... U can get rly gud sounds on processor too, d difference in quality of sound is minimal on an average amp... If u r investing in pedals u needa invest heavily on amp too... So a pedal chain n amp will cost u a fortune (frm my point of veiw, m a poor guy)... If u cant invest so heavily a better option is processor...
    N fr certain kinda sound, as nu metal, death metal, digital effects work better...
    So fr begginners n intermeds n even a lot of pros, processor do gud.
    So its reverse of wt u said, fr low level (i interpreted as cheap) processors>pedals... The scene changes if u've got lotsa money to spend or u r a purist...
    Newys, wt i feel now is, i wud take a POD X3 rather den a chain of pedals if i got lotsa money...
  17. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    It boils down to answering very simple thing:

    You want a gamut of tones or you want a single tone that is brilliant.

    If you are the one who indulges in lots of effects - like delay, chorus, reverb, flange, tremolo, pan, etc ... then Processors work out to be cheaper, and with negligible difference from analog pedals.

    If you are the one who needs a whole range of tones - like somehting suitable for Blues, Rock, MEtal, Techno, Deathmetal etc. Then again its the processor that would work out to be cheaper.
    Ofcourse you won't get a good tone in each genre, but then if you are not too finicky, you would be able to live. Infact the top of the line processors have got pretty good tones that are convincing.

    If you are the one, who has decided to play only Blues, or only Jazz, or Only Metal etc.
    Then pedals work out good. Probably not cheapers than processors, but more or less the same. And you get the tone you want.

    So decide - you wish to be a sniper (targeting one particular tone) or wish to be a gunner targeting each and every tone on this earth.
  18. mad_spartan

    mad_spartan New Member

    ^^ i like the way of your explanations and comparisons :p
  19. Maxima

    Maxima New Member

    @Alpha1: You just made up my decision of Processor V/S Pedal

    PS:: From now on, I m on alpha1 fan wagon.
  20. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    what decision have you made ...

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