Rock on "tum ho to" if u wnt any songs chord pls tell me

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  1. Jatin limbad

    Jatin limbad New Member

    Song : Tum Ho Toh
    Movie : Rock On
    Chord by

    C C
    Tum ho to…. gaata hai dil

    Dm G
    Tum nahin, to geet kahan

    C C
    Tum ho to…. hai sab haasil

    Dm G
    Tum nahin, to kya hai yahan

    A# Am Bm F C
    Tum ho to hai, sapnon ke jaisa haseen ek sama….…..

    G E7 Am F
    Jo tum ho to, ye lagta hai, ki mil gayi har khushi

    G E7 Am F
    Jo tum na ho, ye lagta hai, ke har khushi mein hai kamee

    G Em C F C
    Tum ko hai maangti……ye zindagiii…iiiiiii….eeeee…..eeee

    Dm A# C
    Ohhh….. ohhh… ohhh… oooo
  2. peaceful_words

    peaceful_words New Member

    awesome post dude...kamaal ke chords hai
  3. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    Nice accuracy buddy.

    Hey tell me if E7 can be replaced by Em only. It sounds ok. I mean tell me the difference.
  4. peaceful_words

    peaceful_words New Member

    E7 sounds more better than gives the real sound to the song..i think
  5. nirvana\m/

    nirvana\m/ New Member


    nice chords,,,if u dun mind can u tab me naagin,,,,dat wud be nice
  6. neal_killer

    neal_killer New Member

    yaar plss tell me what is the strumming pattern for this song ????
    and thanks the chords r gr8
  7. avi.singh

    avi.singh 6 strings lover

    thx dude..
  8. meen

    meen New Member

    i need more chords for others songs of ROCK ON plz help me
  9. ashish134

    ashish134 New Member

    can u plz tel me the strumin pattern of this son
  10. peaceful_words

    peaceful_words New Member

    the way i play it...duuduuud

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