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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by max_payne16, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Hi guys..
    I m just back from a gig "Rock On for Humanity"
    it was a gig for collecting relief funds for Floods in Bihar
    They collected arnd 3 n half Crores :shock:
    the gig was awwwwwwesome man!!
    bands were...
    pentagram.. 3 original tracks
    parikrama.. 3 original tracks.. 2 ACDC tracks.. with saif ali khan on powerchords
    avial (mallu band)... too good music (chk thm out on youtube)
    Raghu dixit project (wat vocals... amazing)
    Shaan.... (he sang somethin in wrong scale.. :p: still he rocked
    Kunal ganjawala.. some good .. some bad songs (di di di di dil na diya - krish :p: )
    kailash kher... amazing songs
    Finally.... Shankar ehsan loyyy... man. they are starsss
    then Rock on Team Joined em .. they playd saat dinon me and rock on
    ppl wanted more but it was 10pm..
    hell of a show
    there were many celebs.. really unexpected.
    priety zinta ;)
    karan johar :mad:
    Shar rukh khan :cool:
    Zayed khan :(
    Hrithik roshan
    I dont know if the show was already aired..
    If not.. they will air it on sony
    guys.. pls make an effort to record it frm TV..
    i would love to have it on a DVD :rock:

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