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    BuLLz Rock Festival 2005 Karachi

    Featuring Arsh (Adnan Afaq), Snake8, BarQ, Tarb, Xambeel, Ayers Rock, Sharaf Qaisar Band,
    Gravity and more.

    Venue : Adjacent Khushboo Lawn (Aziz Bhatti Park) Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi.
    Date : 05-Febuary-2005
    Time : 7:30 P.M Sharp
    Tickets : Rs.100
    (Available at gates , Bullz Resturant 1st floor opp. Hydri Market (Former-Burgertime) or Contact Altamash 0300-2394117, Shani 0300-2669239)

    Bands will perform their Originals as well as covers of Metallica, Dreamtheater, Audioslave, Nirvana, Guns n roses, RHCP, Mizraab, Junoon and more.

    Be there to Rock and see the difference.
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    Sharaf Qaisar it the same guy who presented shows on radio??....he is a good guitarist..met him once during a gig..pretty impressive shredder

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