rock is now easy!!!!

Discussion in 'Find a Guitar Teacher or Classes' started by deepanvishal, May 15, 2011.

  1. deepanvishal

    deepanvishal New Member

    hey guys......learn rock in four months..... best teacher for rock music, superb techniqes for playin rock.....
    he teaches any genre on students request, rock metal, heavy metal, country, classical etc....
    mail me or call me XXXXXXXXX
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  2. Super-Admin

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    @Deepan - I appreciate the fact that you want to teach folks, but I guess you have to hold on a while, contribute, earn some reputation, and then start promoting yourself.

    This step is being taken by the management in order to protect the interest of our members, coz we've heard of some rip off stories.

    Thanks for understanding.


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