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  1. sultan_of_swing

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    plz tell me how to calculate RMS of amplifier

    also tips on how to play super fast lead like that in pulp fiction
  2. alpha1

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    RMS - dunno but RMS power = rms voltage x rms current

    dont think that will help u much, but this will --->

    Speed playing - well versed with scales, alternate picking, tremolo picking, sweep picking, arpeggios, string skipping
  3. abhijitnath

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    I dont know what equipment you need and all that, but basically how RMS works is that you measure the power output of the amp, plot it on a graph and take the root mean square of he area under the curve. The idea is to have an idea of the average power output of the amp as opposed to momentary peaks that are measured by PMPO.
    About speed picking: I presume you meant the Arabic type theme that plays right in the beginning...that is mostly tremolo picking ie picking very fast on one string. Practice alternate picking on one string playing scales and you should get there.
  4. sultan_of_swing

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    thanks 4 your effort abhijit but......

    Dick Dale and the Del-Tones popularized Miserlou in 1962. Recently, the Pulp
    Fiction soundtrack introduced another generation to the tune. In fact,
    though, Miserlou is a Greek folk tune from waaaaay back. Dick Dale's '62
    version largely defined the surf sound. He played it on Fender outboard
    spring reverb tank (along with a classic Stratocaster through a 1961 Showman
    Dick Dale doublepicked Miserlou left-handed and upside-down at blinding
    Dick Dale apparently learned to speed-pick from his Lebanese uncle, who played an oud
    with a turkey quill.
    what i want to confim did he use the same technique as Steve Vai ie picking with a .5 mm steel pick at 45deg bent or is it clean picking as far as i know oud is played simmilar to mandolin so it may involve clean picking but the dirty sound is more full with Steve vai technique
  5. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    i think rms is about 1/20 of pmpo
    cause my 400 watt speaker shows
    2o watts rms

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