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    Song for all the Bikers

    Ive Always Dreamt of of it,
    Something I Like,
    I wanted it since Childhood Days,
    Thats my MotorBike

    Its Always been my Passion,
    Aim for my Destination,
    Turn up the Acceleration,
    Feel some of the Vibration

    At a Traffic Signal,
    Begins a Race,
    Whos gonna reach First, to that Place

    Driving it with Speed and Grace,
    I can feel the Wind in my face

    Smiled at some People in the Car,
    Before they seen me Zoom so Far.

    Riding along with some of of my Pals,
    Zooming past some of the Stalls
    Watch out for Oil and Sand
    Take care my Best Frnds

    Burn some Fuel,
    Dont be so Cruel
    Change those Gears
    Break some of your Fears

    So come on Hop on ur Bike,
    Do the Crazy things you sight,
    Leave the World Behind,
    And Enjoy the Ride..

    Vroom Vroomm..............

    Neil Dsouza
  2. good one ... even i can write one on bikes i suppose ... i hv got a way with them... even if i got the money i cant buy ... cause the biker is looser, the punk !!
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    hey I believe this can b made into a nice rocking METAL song!!
    its got the shrewdness of METAL musiX

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