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    alrite i wanna know how U learn strumming. how do U figure out how 2 strum 2 songs. i mean usually if i wanna learn a strumming of a song i try 2 find an un plugged version of it and learn but mostly its really difficult. but other songs like SIR KIYE PEHAR BY STRINGS i cant find unplugged version of them( can any1 post the strumming pattern of tat song please)
    well my question is how do u figure out the stumming patter of a song. i know it requires alot of practice but theres gotta b sumthin u can do 2 help u. like in drumming u can use ur feet 2 tap along and clap ur hands
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    For me, figuring out rhythm is related to a good ear. Listen to the song, and work out the rhythm yourself. It's a darn good way to develop your ear.
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    There are some kool sites related to rhythm, I suggest it comes with hard practice, ones you know the basic rhythm, it becomes extremely easy to fit that in songs. . so practice Strumming techniques. . remember dont get frustrated coz this practice takes time as it not only tunes your strumming arm but also your brain for the rhythm;

    try these links:


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