Rhythm and Strumming Patterns in Chords

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    Rhythms? Do u mean strumming patterns ?
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    If you are more specific, maybe we could chip in with help as needed.
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    hi iam new to indianguitartabs wat shounakg is asking is the strumming pattern with most of the newbies have trouble
  5. ^^u can look for baand baaja's post on strumming wil post u the linkif i find it ok dude
    welcome to igt
  6. ok found the link try this


    or i have pasted it below
    its the work of bandbaaja
    so copyright goes to bandbaaja
    The Art of Guitar Strumming


    Was actually replying to a query posed by Madhura, and thought this could be a part of a Beginner's Tutorial.
    While learning the guitar and the notes, and chords, some students find it difficult to actually play the chords of a song in a basic strumming pattern.
    Of course some take up strumming very easily and it also sometimes comes naturally.
    I had to go thru major patience levels to grasp chord positions, but I got thru with the STRUMMING barrier quite naturally.
    So this post here is not for the naturally gifted strummers, but for people who find problems in the DOWN UP MOVEMENT of strumming.

    While learning strumming, u have to be conscious of your hand movement to match the counts etc. HERE you will find your hand moving more like a mechanical robot. BUT the art of strumming begins with having your right hand low down and up in a smooth natural movement.

    STRUMMING is an ART based on a simple DOWN-UP movement of your hand. So your hand should ALWAYS move down and up,
    and based on the pattern that you are playing you either choose to HIT or MISS the strings while going down or HIT or MISS it while coming up.

    For example some basic strumming patterns to Practice are as follows:


    1) First divide the basic counts into a pattern like this: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

    2) Move your hand down on ONE and UP on the AND (&) and keep this going on continuously.

    3) Wherever in the examples there is an X mark, you DO NOT stop your hand movement, but you simply DONT play on that X.

    Example 1:
    Hitting all the counts:

    1--&--2--&--3--&--4--& | 1--&--2--&--3--&--4--& |
    D--U--D--U--D--U--D--U | D--U--D--U--D--U--D--U |

    Example 2:
    Hitting on 1-2&3-4&

    1--&--2--&--3--&--4--& | 1--&--2--&--3--&--4--& |
    D--X--D--U--D--X--D--U | D--X--D--U--D--X--D--U |

    Example 3
    Hitting on 1-2&-&4&
    This pattern if played at a moderate speed can be used for Papa Kehte Hain type of songs:

    1--&--2--&--3--&--4--& | 1--&--2--&--3--&--4--& |
    D--X--D--U--X--U--D--U | D--X--D--U--X--U--D--U |

    Example 4
    Hitting on 1&-&-&4&

    1--&--2--&--3--&--4--& | 1--&--2--&--3--&--4--& |
    D--U--X--U--X--U--D--U | D--U--X--U--X--U--D--U |


    APART from these strumming patterns there are quite a few complicated ones, - some which require you to MUTE the strings after you BANG on it ONCE. - some which require you to HIT the strings hard with your right hand, but completely MUTED by your LEFT hand.

    Like the BOSSANOVA pattern, if you remember George Michael's Faith, or Allah Ke Bandhe the pattern doesnt let the strings RING
    Basically the sound shouldn't be CHANNNNGGGGGG it should rather be CHANK!
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    yes i meant strumming patterns. how to use them in chords. how to decide which pattern to use for which song?

    please help!!!
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    Basically, you will have to listen to the drum beat or the tabala beat and try to structure the strumming pattern of you guitar. It is not necessary for newbies to replicate the same pattern. You can start with simple patterns, and when you get more comfortable, go for more complexity. The bass guitar will also help you a lot if you are able to listen to its pattern in a song. If all fails, take the help of an experienced instructer/teacher
  9. ambush

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    just practice
    try out different patterns with song
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    for example if the song is kay kay's pal. what pattern would suit it???
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    if you talk of rhythm
    the easist thing is
    listen to the song a dozen times
    and when u start playin
    it automatically get over 2 u
    (its my simle funda 4 effective playin)
    try it
  12. ok one advice u listen the song c the chords play the song on ur pc or radio n play together u will get teh strumming pattern by urself.............................u wil c ya fingers moving by themselves........with the music.......................
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    how come like many strumming patterns all sound the same to me lol???..i have no ideal..

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