Review : The Return to Darkness, Demonic Ressurection

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    The first expression i had when i recieved my special box edition was - Holy shit!!! The packaging surpasses any international album; n dats the least thing u would expect considering it is an indian release. N then, there was more to come. Awesome music, superb production.

    here¡¯s a track by track review:
    ¡®The Return to Darkness¡¯
    Artist: Demonic Ressurection
    Released by: Demonstealer RecordsOn 15th january, 2010
    Genre: black/death metal

    1. Between Infinity and Oblivion.
    Dint really liked the way it started. But it picked up and flew well. Sounded like a cliched war intro. But then i guess this only was the purpose it was meant to serve. And the end could have flown into the next track. 5/10

    2. Where Dreams and Darkness Unite.
    Started with a lot of energy, powerful vocals, tight drumming. Liked the dual vocal effects. Keyboard at certain places could¡¯vebeen avoided where it overshadows the vocals and blunts the aggression. Clean vocals that come around 4:00 are awesome, the peak of the song. Loved the lyrics, everything combines so soulfully. 8/10

    3. The Warriors Return
    Epic feel. I close my eyes and i can visualize what the music speaks. The landscape it creates is mammoth. Awesome keyboard here, it amalgamates with other instruments to create that haunting feel. The solo at 3:15 bleeds emotions. The track picks up well,going perfectly fine, but the solo in the end spoils it for me. The guitar tone takes away the whole aggression that was built up. 7/10
    Had it not been the last solo- 8/10

    4. A Tragedy Befallen
    Whatever i say will fall short of the praise this song deserves. I could not have asked for more. A riff that will keep resounding in my head for years to come, outstanding vocals, awesome variations. Everything is just so perfect, the melody, solo, keys, drums. Grandiloquent. My favourite. 10/10

    5. The Unrelenting Surge of Vengeance
    Awesome work on keyboards, nice haunted feel. Mind blowing drumming. Easy and catchy riffs. But something is missing, that edge that would¡¯ve made it outstanding. Or may be i am shunning it coz of the prae extraordinaire. 7/10

    6. Bound by Blood, Fire and Stone
    Maintains the assault, didnt catch a lot of.... the complete review of this kickass album on...
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    thanks for the review man.

    Just to let you know the album came out yesterday worldwide on CANDLELIGHT RECORDS


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