Required ::Karoge yaad to har baat

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  1. can_i_play

    can_i_play New Member

    Hi guys ....
    I am trying to sing this amazing song from Movie Bazaar...
    ...... by Bhupinder Singh ..with his unique style .....
    I tried to play this song on Am chord with some parts in Dm as well....

    Can u just try it ....and tell if i m right...

  2. auxigen

    auxigen New Member


    Hi friend,

    It is nice to know that there r some people who have the liking for such offbeat but one of the most beautiful and amazing songs like this one.

    This is probably one of the rarest of rarests songs.

    I know the chords for it but for some reasons can't post it immediatly.

    Keep reading I'll be back with the exact chords.

    Take Care


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