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  1. laserbeam

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    Can some one please provide link for learning Chords Open as well as Closed. If possible please please provide the tutorials that guys have prepared or use.

  2. Strings_Fellow

    Strings_Fellow New Member

    here are many tutorials in the Beginners forum for chords. If u want to learn chords then u can learn it from
  3. vini

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  4. laserbeam

    laserbeam New Member

    Thanks a lot guys

    Thanks a lot for the links .... however when I click on the Play button in the 8Notes website ... it asls me to download the .pl (Perl file) instead of playing it.... is it normal or is it hapenning with me ??

    And, I am new to this chords stuff ... and all this C major, minor, 7, 9 .... seems to be confusing, can some one derypt this stuff please :).

    If some one has to beging ... how should they begin with, all mojors first or mibors first or something else... Help Me!!!
  5. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    first it is called barre chord not CLOSED chords


    i have pmessaged u two links read them

    n there is no hard n fast rule that u need to learn major first or minor

    learn those which r easier ie the easy chords

    ok let me put up sth

    learn these chords first ie the open chords C Am E Em D Dm A

    i hope u know their positioning ie finger positioning????

    first day first few hrs try to get ur fingers used to those positions strum the chords each chord five times down down down down down then do up up up up up

    n then do down up down up down up

    ie use the same chords

    then when u think that the chords do sound well (IE MUSIC NOT NOISE)

    then change chords ie play chord patterns like Am C G D or sth such ie to get ur fingers used

    it will take some time but it works

    then when u think u have mastered open chords move to barre

    learn F B Bm n the A C G barre chords look for the finger positions

    barre chords take time to master

    well thats all

    i am going back to my books

    hope was helpful or at least my postcount is one more now
  6. Trixon

    Trixon New Member


    Kewl links guys
    thx a lot
  7. seriousvivek

    seriousvivek New Member

    Give Me ur mail ID ill send u da tuts
    I Have 189 Mb of guitar e-books and 2.8 GB of Guitar Vids
  8. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    what r the tutorials in the vids?????

    think u can get any vid via the p2p softwares like limewire n ares (not legal)
  9. vikramroi

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    Chords Tutorial

    Here is attached file for Major Chords Tutorials, hope that would help
    Soon I will post for mnior chords tutorials.

    :beer: :beer: cheers:beer: :beer:

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  10. laserbeam

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    Thanks once again

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