required 100%accurate chords of manwa re by noori

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  1. maaani

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    :nw: plz plz plz plz can any one give me the fully 100%accurate chrds of manwa re by noori plz plz plz plz:nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
  2. rizaaj

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    100% accurate.. man askin is so simple? isnt it?

    try askin ali noor :p:

    try lookin in tha forum.. there might be one or two here.. or try these ones from Ultimate Guitar

    dhol ki taal bigaray
    gaaray dil jhum kay gaaray 
    apna har dard chupakay
               C            F
    nachay aur sab ko nacharay
    muk ghunghat dalay
    naina do mat walay
     Bb               C            F
    aaj koi chala hai sajkay piya nagarya ray
               Dm     Bb       Dm            C
    yay bandhan, natay, saaray tor day manva ray
               F  Bb           F
    Ho manva raaaay  Ho Manva ray
    [BRIDGE 1]
              Bb   C           F
    Ho manva raaaay na tarpa ray
             Bb C           F
    agan dil ki  na sulka ray
            Dm           Bb
    na bharka ray na chanka ray
            Dm    C            F
    yay naina raaaay ho manva ray
  3. maaani

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    thanxs sir 4 ur reply

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