Require your help to learn songs on guitar

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jackson519, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. jackson519

    jackson519 New Member

    Hey this is jackson519 here & require your help to learn songs on guitar so i hope u can help me.
  2. sriram_jce

    sriram_jce New Member

    Hi All
    This is Ram. I joined my guitar classes abt 2 months back and look forward to this Knowledge portal on various songs tabs and chords for Tamil, Hindi and English songs!..
  3. Tauras

    Tauras New Member

    Hi I am Divas, I have started learning guitar, so i found this site the best place to gain more and more information on music.
    Hope to get more knowledge from this site
  4. sizzler

    sizzler New Member

    hi this is sizzler just started learning guitar...hope u ppl will help.. :)
  5. abhi8sood

    abhi8sood New Member

    this is abhinav
    started learning guitar this month only...good to join this forum..
  6. avinkush

    avinkush New Member

    this is avinash
    bought a new guitar n just started learning
    hope to get a help from here...
  7. mohitdhawan

    mohitdhawan New Member

    Hi this is mohit, its been 4 months i have been playing hobner acoustic guitar.
    Now i am planning to buy
    Fender SQ Std Strat
    Digitech rp250
    marshall MG15CD

    keep posting.
  8. visheshonthenet

    visheshonthenet New Member

    hi !!!

    hi guys im vishesh and i want to learn to play hindi songs with chords ... so do help me !!!

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