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  1. Devil's_Own

    Devil's_Own New Member

    Hi fellas...

    I liked the song called "Mitthe Prem" by Yaatri, from their Album "Daak". Anybody figured out the chords & Tabs yet? Well... it's a nice song so worths a try! Please post if you have it!

  2. rizz420

    rizz420 WoRsT DrEaMs R MaDe Of Me

    already posted .. search .. bye..
  3. Devil's_Own

    Devil's_Own New Member

    Hello rizz420.....

    That song was previously requested by OutOfDaBlue but yield no reply. I searched the forum with the KEYWORDS.."Yaatri", "Mitthe Prem", "Daak"... but failed to get it. If you are so sure, please be kind enough to give me the link, will you?

    Thank you so much!
  4. OutOfDaBlue

    OutOfDaBlue In da blue

    yeah nobody reply to my post dat time.. neways i figured it out later on... not sure if its 100% rite or not... but posting it here... might help u

    Mitthe prem

    Shei nil jama pore tui
    Icche kore ektu chui
    Amar dewa dulta koi
    Mon khule ami aj bolboi

    Aina kache haatta dhori
    Chondo chara golpo kori
    Miche kichu shopno gori
    Shondhe hole phirbo bari

    Parbi to bol ki cheachi tor kache
    Jibon theke amae shudhu ekta bikel de
    Korbo je mitthe prem

    Prem manei chotto gari
    Bikel belae ghuro ghuri
    Kothae kothe ghumer bori
    Sondha holei firbo bari

    Aiana kache ......... bari

    Er poro naki prem mohan prem shundor
    Prem sesh hole puroshkar chotto shukher ghor
    Korbi chol mitthe prem

    Prem manei ektu bosha
    Dukkho mone tobuo hasha
    Dekhche sobai tai valobasha
    Ki kotha hobe thik kore asha
  5. Devil's_Own

    Devil's_Own New Member

    Thanks Blue!

    U r a great help!!


    ( o )==#
  6. shawkat

    shawkat New Member

    chords for ke dake...

    originally posted by hotobhaga, here it is...

    keeeeeeeeeeeeee dakeeeee....

    bhanga janala gole
    alo porche shey mejhete
    dekhe nao, jene nao
    jototuku tumi dekhte pao
    keeeeeeeeeeeeeee dakeeeeee.....
    keeeeeeeeeeeeeee dakeeeeeee.

    kintu kintu bhab,
    kintu monete jorotar obhab
    befash kichu bole dile
    mone rekho na, shob kichu bhule giye aaj...
    keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dakeeeeeeeee.

    purono kotha, purono gan
    lagchena bhalo nei pichhutan
    tobu purono kichu kotha
    ajo ei monete omlan.
    keeeeeeeeeeee dakeeeeeeeeeee.

    keep rocking....
  7. OutOfDaBlue

    OutOfDaBlue In da blue

    ur welcome devils_own..
  8. AniK666

    AniK666 New Member

    Topu bhai n I are quite close, so i asked for the creator of the song to help, n this is wat i got:
    Tuning: D#(half step down)


    Intro: (x4) Verse: (x4)

    D A G A D A G A

    Pre-Chorus: (x2)

    Bm F#m G A

    (Korbi Chol....)(x1)

    Chorus: (x4)
    D A G A

    The 'Sort of Solo' thing:




    Single strum the pre-chorus chords.

    The rest you should be able to figure out. :)

    im new here, bt im no beginner,so are you sure about the Ke Daake chords, sounds wierd. . .:S maybe il get dat 1 down as well. . .PEACE! and my heartfelt Salam and Happy new Year to all u guitar gurus here. . .:D
  9. Ishmam

    Ishmam New Member

    Anik666 , are you from old dohs anyhow?

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