Requesting chords for Unnidam Mayanggugiren song

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  1. abygailann

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    Dear Roentagen, can you please post the chords for the song Unnidam Mayanggugiren sung by Dr. KJ Jesudass. I tried with C scale but I feel something is lacking. So Please.....................TQ........
  2. ashok15189

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    i'm sorry to post fully this song, can anyone try to fine this chords?

    INTRO break: | C | CM7 | Em| F-G | D7 | G | C |

    (C) - Unnidam (F)mayangugiraen ullaththaal (G)nerungugiraen - (C) X2

    endhan uyir (Am)kaadhali (F) ye innisai (G)dhaevadhaiye - (C)

    break: | C | Em | F | Am | - | Dm | C |

    | C | Bb | Eb | G# |


    vanji un (G#) vaarththaiyellaam (C)sangeedham

    vanna vizhip(G#) paarvaiyellaam (C)dheyveegam X2

    break: | E7 | Am | G | C |

    (Am)bhoopaalam kaetkum pozhudhulla varai(E7)yil inbangal uruvaagak (F)kaanboam X2
    (c)kuzhaloasai (Eb)kuyiloasai(C)yenru (c)mozhipaesu (Eb)azhagae nee (C)inru

    REPEAT SAME CHORDS (unnidam)

    thaensindhum vaanamundu maegaththinaal
    naan sollum kaanamundu raagaththinaal
    kaarkaalak kulirum maargazhip paniyum kannae un kaisaerath thaniyum
    iravenna pagalenna thazhuvu idhazhoaram pudhuraagam ezhudhu
  3. abygailann

    abygailann Member

    Thanks Bro..............................
  4. Thanks for the request Abygailann....
    I am not a tamilian but i do speak and understand tamil.
    And I just love this song since i've heard it on youtube...
    Is this music director V Kumar famous? I thought the song was composed by the great M S viswanathan, but I was wrong.
  5. abygailann

    abygailann Member

    V Kumar was one of the great musicians but he didn't do much in Tamil. Maestro Ilayaraja was in his troupe once.........

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