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  1. Iraqita_EP

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    Can aneone post the price lists of guitars from shops in there is thread about the price of guitars from a shop in mumbai...plz
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    hi u can buy guitars like givson (for learners) thats a flat-thin one..donknow its exact name and it'll cost u around 1700-1800 and if u wanna go for normal acoustic or an F-cut then u have Givson's venus special that wud cost around 2200-2400

    some of the good shops ive seen are:

    new bharat store at Lajpat nagar(monday closed) and panchkuiaa road (friday closed)
    Biba music store and bhargava music store at daryaganj (both sunday closed)

    out of these three the most well known is BHARat music store

    tc bye
  3. Iraqita_EP

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    there is one more in lajpat wich sells fenders...aneone know wat its called????..i need price list of electric guitars but thanls anyway
  4. Iraqita_EP

    Iraqita_EP New Member

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