[Request] The Dichotomy of Fame(Rockstar) Tabs

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  1. 5'z

    5'z New Member

    Hey all, i just joined the website.. And it's awesome!! :D

    BTW, can any1 help me on the tabs of The Dichotomy of Fame from Rockstar??
  2. cooldesert

    cooldesert New Member

    Hey Bro, I may be wrong, but try Em and D (open) chords for finding the tabs. I tried on this earlier when the song came out, was able to generate the tune but left in between (we were trying for electric-acoustic version of it). Once you know the starting note, just play around to take the sequence further. will try again, but am sure, someone gonna post the complete sequences soon.
  3. neal_killer

    neal_killer New Member

    actually tabs are very difficult and fast to find but i have tried my level best and got success in some parts of the song



    e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    G ---------12--10-------------10s9------------12-10--------------10-9-------------------- X (8 times)
    D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    A ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E ---0--------------------0----------------0------------------0------------------------------

    0:22 (fast)
    e -------15--13--12-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B -------------------------15---13--12-----------------------------------------------------------------
    G ----------------------------------------------14--12--------------------------------------------------
    D --------------------------------------------------------------14------12------------------------------

    1:12 (very fast)
    D ------2-------5-5-5----3-3-3------2--------------2-------5-5-5----3-3-3------2---------------------

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