Request: Tabs for Azhage Unnai Aarathanai seikirean Song

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    Dear all,

    Can any one post tabs/chords for intro lead, pallavi & charanam for the song Azhage Unnai Aarathanai seikirean from the movie Alage Unnai Araathikkerean. Beautiful song from Maestro.

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    Though you've requested it, I don't think there is a charanam in this song. Just 2 pallavi's with an interlude in-between. I've always liked this song but never really tried transcribing its chords until today. I am surprised to find half diminished chords used twice in the intro...this song was out in 78 or 79!
    Here are the chords:

    Initial 4 bars----ǀ G ǀ G ǀ G ǀ G ǀ
    Next 2 bars-----ǀ G ǀ C D ǀ
    Next 4 bars-----ǀ Bm ǀ Bm ǀ Bm ǀ Bm ǀ
    Next 2 bars-----ǀ Bm ǀ C Bm ǀ

    Guitar solo starts: All played on A string.


    Guitar solo with chords:


    The song:

    (G)azhagE...unnai...aarathanai seigirEn...
    azhagE...unnai...aarathanai seigiren...
    mala(Bm)rE... malaRE...aaaaraathanai seigi(G)ren...

    Rajesh :music:

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