Request: Saathiya song "chupke se.. raat ki chader talay" & Anwar song "ankhen teri"

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  1. drsarah1981

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    Hey friends :)

    Can anyone please post the chords for the song from the movie "Saathiya" that goes like "chupke se, chupke se, raat ki chader tale." and the song from that movie Anwar "aankhen teri.. itni haseen.." or "tose naina laagay"..

    I know I'm asking for too much.. but it's only because I know I can count on you all ;)

    Happy guitaring!!
  2. vivek.gaur0816

    vivek.gaur0816 VivekLoveRock....

    Chords : Aankhein teri

    M(Am)aula mere, M(Em)aula mere.....(same chords throughout for this phrase)

    A(Em)ankhen t(C)er(Em)i, k(Em)itni h(C)as(Em)een, (gotta get used to quick chord changes, from Em to C and vice-versa)
    (Dm)Ke inka (C)aash(Em)iq,
    (Dm)Main ban gay(C)a (Em)hoo,
    (Dm)Mujhko bas(C)aa (Em)le,
    Inme (C)tu,

    (Em)Mujhse ye har ghaddi me(G)ra (F)dil (Dm)kahe,
    (Em)Tum hi ho is(C)ki aarez(Em)oo(Dm)oo, (quick transition from Em to Dm)
    (Em)Mujhse ye har ghaddi me(G)re (F)lab (Dm)kahe,
    (Em)Teri hi ho sa(C)b guftug(Em)oo(Dm)oo (again quick transition)

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