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  1. swarnarka1

    swarnarka1 New Member

    hi can any one post kailash kher nem song chaandan mei aao ji chords with strumming pattern?
  2. sourabhu21

    sourabhu21 New Member

    Chaandan Mein - - i want the chords,,,,can anybody help..???

    can anyone help me in finding the chords of "Chaandan Mein" song ,, a cool one by kailash Kher??? our "Sufi Star"...!! ;)
  3. ajaygodase

    ajaygodase New Member

    hey frnd dats really a tough song i tried it
    all i could figure out is d intro
    use E major and hammer on d G string 2nd fret using pinky finger

    strumming is: D D U (D) D
    the hammering id tobe done when u r playing the down stroke which i hv shown in bracket
    do reply if it helped u :)
  4. swarnarka1

    swarnarka1 New Member

    thanks i also want chords

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