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  1. skaw

    skaw snooze

    hey guys,
    a friend of mine, sang a song, and wanted me to put sum music on it .. i unno wht to put .. so heres my first try .. how does it sounds ? (its just the very first vocals to be said after the intro music)

  2. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    Hmm,.. guitarin is pretty good, but cant say the same about vocals,.. but wont matter to u as much as its yr frnds n not urs,... so ur contribution to the song is definitely cool :rock:
  3. khuram82

    khuram82 ......:mad:........

    well........ i wouldnt say its good coz i wont b honest if i say that............but i think its alwayz a better idea to record ur instrument first then sing over it!.......nevertheless u tried to do it otherway round not a bad attempt!

  4. skaw

    skaw snooze

    thanx for the reply guys .. i told him his voice sux (took a lot of courage) but ye hes like .. its just for fun so who cares .. (good point) now i m suppose to do the music and then he'll sing (watch me not do it)

    thanx once again

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