Request for tutorial: how to find chords from tabs

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    Beginners like me always wonder how to find accurate chords to a piece of music. Here is what I have understood in last few months of my journey:
    Try to find the key of the song. Get the notes/tabs. Sing and listen to the song quite a few times to find out the accented/strong bits. Then try to fit a chord (with a basic assumption about the scale of the song) progression accordingly.

    This forum really amazes me in both it's quality content and active participation from the members. I would request all you folks to contribute in this thread to help us, the mere beginners. A nice approach probably would be to take a few examples where the tabs are already known and the songs are known as well. Then starting from the notes and accented bits and coming up with the best chord progression. Another request is to keep the barre and complicated chords a minimum, so that the basic essence is not lost, but it's easy to follow as well.
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    couple of points(if you want to do it without tabs, if you have the tabs start from point 3):
    1. best way to start towards figuring the chords is to try to get the main tune of the song on a single string or 2.
    2. make sure the pitch is correct (doesnt matter much but you might end up getting the chords in a different key than the original)
    3. points 1 and 2 should help figure what key the song is in.
    4. check out the chords in the key you have arrived at.
    5. match the accented notes and see what chords they are. the accented notes MOST LIKELY are the chords to fall upon, but not always true.
    6. since you have narrowed down on the possible chords in point 4, trial and error should help figure the rest of the chords.
    7. if you can sing the song along in the correct pitch, it will become easier to figure the right chords.
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    It will either be the base note of the chords or third note of the chord.. for example, Take song Chura liya hain tumne jo dil ko..

    First line
    It starts with Am because A is the note used primarily in the first bar.. when the chord changes on "dil ko".. you would play a G & D.. and chord G will match to the melody
    Second line
    It starts in A (minor) again.. but when chord changes you play G#.. which is third note of E major scale i.e. second note of E-major chord.. so you play E major.. (if you try playing G#, you will feel yourself that something is wrong.. moreover the melody does not suggest if you have to play G# in major or minor..)

    Similarly when you go to line "Hi dil lekar mujhko na tadpana".. you can see that the melody is using C# which is offscale.. Hence this note will become the deciding factor or the chords.. again you have option of choosing between C# (major or minor???) or A major. As there is a confusion in C# whether to play major or minor, I would play A.. wot say..

    Btw, I appreciate the discussion and thread.. Timing of the thread couldn't have been better..

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