Request for strumming in song in athadu (telugu movie )?

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  1. avspavan

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    I am a beginner in guitar. Could someone post the strumming & the chords that come in the background of the song "Avunu Nijam...".from Athadu(Telugu) movie?

    How do I find the strumming pattern myself? Is there an easy way other than listening to the song many times and finding it?

  2. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    can u send me the song.... and if so.. i shall send my i.d.... as a private msg.....
  3. avspavan

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    I can send u the song. let me know whats ur id is.

  4. Sheerig

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    i have already sent u my i.d,, pls do check ur PM inbox..
  5. n_withu

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    hi pavan,can u pls snd me the chords for Athadu if u dnt mind.
    and my id is
  6. suresh_007

    suresh_007 New Member

    hi chords for avnnu nejam

    avnnu nejam prgression is E->F->G->Amin

    rythm u need to check...

    if u have any other songs chords form athudu or any telugu songs

    send me yaar.. to

    keep in touch man... so that we can share manythings....

  7. anand eldiablo

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    I'm glad

    Uhhh!!!! Finally, I'm glad to meet some guys who share telugu music.
  8. suresh_007

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  9. kasaak

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  10. Guntur Blues

    Guntur Blues New Member

    This song is in Am and the rhythm is 2 downstrokes and 1upstrokes DDU DDU DDU(4/4 timing 3 strokes on each beat.).Am on5th fret and 10th fret sound nice.
  11. iloveudilin

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    thnkz for smone giving telugu songs...
    can you send some popular telugu songs to mail
  12. iloveudilin

    iloveudilin New Member


    i mean telugu song tabs.
    thnkx dude
  13. janu369

    janu369 New Member

    athadu avunu nijam intro chords

    Emin Gmaj Amaj Bmaj....strumming
    E min (D d du ) G [D d du] A (D d du) Bmaj {d]

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