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  1. awesumtony

    awesumtony New Member

    I am a newbie here and for guitar.. I am Tony..
    I recently listened to Sara Sara Sara Kaathu song from movie Vaagai sooda vaa.. There is a bit of music in the beginning which sounds wonderful.. The same tune is worded at the end of the song kaatu malli poothirukku kaathala kaathala....
    Is there a way I can get guitar notes for that? To be honest I am a beginner and I guess this song will inspire me to practice more and become better..
    Thanks for your help!!
  2. jazztempo

    jazztempo New Member

    Hear the song again and again.

    If you hear the song again and again you will try to guess some notes write them and try on your own.
    If you are a beginner please dont refer to any sites.
    Hit a try for harris song that will be easy for you and you can play many songs.
  3. jazztempo

    jazztempo New Member

    I will give you a guess that music intrlude starts like this ccccddd bcd bcd now its your turn ok.......
  4. awesumtony

    awesumtony New Member

    :) Thanks Jazz

    Thanks for the kickstart Jazz.. lemme see if i can build up to match the actual notes...
  5. rajeshguitar

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  6. awesumtony

    awesumtony New Member


    Hey Rajesh,

    Thanks dude!!!

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