Request for Bodhitree chords

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  1. melvinis

    melvinis New Member

    REQ: Bodhitree - GMD, XL Ki Kudiya

    Hi All,

    Would anyone know the Chords for Songs by Bodhitree. These boys have a couple of nice dorm room kinda songs. GMD, XL ki Kudiya, and Sabka Katega are particularly fresh sounds. Check out if you haven't heard them before...
    Would appreciate it greatly if someone could figure these out, it would surely brighten some of our evenings...

  2. .:VinAY:.

    .:VinAY:. New Member

    i want em too:)
  3. sanket

    sanket New Member

    sabka katega

    i had contacted the lead guitarust of Bodhi tree Narain

    he told me tht the song starts of with the D chord and then
    D A and Bm chords are used in the song

    but i cud not figure out where to use them plz can any one helo me out its a beautiful song :help:

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