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Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by qwan, May 5, 2004.

  1. qwan

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    I think this is the best thing to ever happen to the indian and pakistani guitar scene
    all kudos to the admin and the lord(both the almighty and neo ;-) )
    This has bought many guitarist together in this subcontinent but there is something more i would like
    I used to frequent // but is a usa based website has some thing for europeans too.
    they have something which i forgot what is called i havent been there in a while but i will explaing the service

    it has a search options where you can search for guitarist in your area town or state so you can jam with them. I think this is very good for both experienced and beginers as jaming together always improves your guitaring and it is fun and this is what gives birth to future bands
    so i can list down what is can include
    1. First it should include and options to register any users under a city or two cities. Now you should give the options of more than one city cos there are ppl who dont mind travelling a few kilometer and when it comes to twin cities like hyderabad and secunderbad for e.g.
    2. Suggestion is for the admin to list down the cities before (i know it is quite a lot of work) so that there are no spelling mistakes. i have seen in many dating and sites like msn personal where there are ppl listed under bangalore and banglore
    so it is better to prelist all the main cities and if the city i not in the list they can add only after the admin comfirms the spelling.
    3.Users should be able to browse the sections city wise and should be able to contact the listed users but only after they register with thier details as this will promoting registration (somehow i have noticed when registrations is not neccesary nobody cares to register)

    I thinks this would be a great leap for our community which i am proud to be a part of and seriously i feel all the ppl here are great and really helpful and i would love to jam with them.....atleast those who are in my city or nearby

    So i request Lord neo and the other admins and senior members and all the active members to do the needful to make this happen.
  2. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    This would indeed be an useful feature to have, we shall implement it soon. Thank you for the feedback.

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