Request : Dekha aik khuwab (1981)

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  1. blackhammer

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    Hi everybody ! :)
    i need chords for the song "dekha aik khuwab" from the movie "silsila" (1981) ..
    Its a beautiful song ... I really need chords for this
    please help me out here ...
    Thank u ! :)
  2. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    Here you go!!the song is in the key of E Major and the composers are Shiv-Hari.

    {(E)Hmm..(C#m)Hmm..(F#m)Hmm..(E)Hmm}-[2 times]

    Male Lead:
    {(E)Dekha ek (C#m)khwaab to yeh (F#m)silsile hu(E)ey
    (E)door tak ni(C#m)gahon mein hain (F#m)gul khile hu(E)ey}-[2 times]

    Female Lead:
    (E)Yeh gila hai (C#m)aapki nigahon (E)se
    (C#m)phool bhi ho (E)darmiyaan toh (F#m)faasle hu(E)ey

    Dekha ek khwaab part repeat

    Male & Female Lead:
    (E)Meri saanson mein basi (C#m)khushboo teri
    (E)yeh tere pyaar ki hai (C#m)jaduga(E)ri

    (E)Teri aawaz hai ha(C#m)waaon mein
    (E)pyar ka rang hai fi(C#m)zaaon (E)mein

    (E)dhadkanon mein (C#m)tere geet (E)hain mile hu(B)ey
    (E)kya kahun ke sharm se hain (F#m)lub sile hu(E)ey

    Dekha ek khwaab part repeat

    rest of the song is same

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  3. blackhammer

    blackhammer New Member

    Thanks alott ! :)
    i'll try these chords
    thank u so much ! :)
  4. blackhammer

    blackhammer New Member

    can u please post
    single string tab of this song ..
  5. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    u r welcome.

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