Request any song lead.. Telugu or Tamil.. Telugu preferred ;)

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  1. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Hi friends...
    I have been an observer of this site.
    I think there is a dearth for telugu song lead.
    I will try my best to post ...
  2. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Na lo unna prema (premante idera) song to kick off with

    h -- hammer-on

    e 7---12-14-15-12h14-12

    e 10---12---10--5-7

    nee lo unna prema
    e 7---12-14-15-12h14-12

    neetho cheppana
    e 5-7-8--3-2-0

    ippude kothaga
    e 5-7-8--8-12-7

    vintu nattuga
    e 5-5---3-5-7

    sarada teeraga
    e 5-7-8--8-12-7

    oo antanu ga
    e 5--7-3-2-0

    ***** chudaga
    e 5-7-8--8-12-7

    evaru leruga
    e 5-5-3-5-7

    manase padaga
    e 5-7-8--8-12-7

    adde leduga
    e 5--7-3-2-0

    this is the basic tune..
    some improvisations come in after 2nd and 3rd time..
    some hammer-ons and slide can be done to add beauty to the song...
  3. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    charanam for na lo unna prema

    e 8-8-10-8-- 8-8-10-8-7-3-5

    e 7-7-8-7--7-7-8-7-5-3-5

    e 8-8-10-8-- 8-8-10-8-7-3-5

    e 7-12--11---11-14--12---12-15-14---12-11-8-7
  4. MAK_EyRiE

    MAK_EyRiE New Member

    hey guitar bala

    i need leads of many songs but 1st gimme leads of

    Song Roya Ray
    By Roxen


    Song Dil Ki Lagi
    By Nazia Hasan
    4 dil ki lagi i need chords and leads throught da song

    u can listen da song =>Click artist =>Click Nazia Hasan Album Camera Camera

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  5. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member


    Let us concentrate on tamil and telugu songs here..
    Please post the requests for other languages correspondingly.
    Anirban is doing a good job there.
  6. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Arere Arere (Happy Days) Lead

    Arere arere
    e ----------5--
    b 3-5-7--5---7

    manase jaare
    b 3-5-7--5---2
    (instead of 5---2 slide of 3,5,3,2 can be tried represented as 3s5s3s2)

    arere arere
    e ----- --5--
    b 3-5-7--5---7

    varase maare
    b 3-5-7--5---2

    idi varaku eppudu lede
    b --7--5-7--3-3-3--3-5
    g 2--------------------

    idi naa manase kade
    b --7--5-7--3-3-3--3s5s3s2(or 3-2)
    g 2--------------------

    evare manna vinade
    b --7--5-7--3-3-3--3-5
    g 2--------------------

    tanadaaredo tanade
    b --7--5-7--3-3-3--3s5s3s2(or 3-2)
    g 2--------------------

    antha nee maaya lone
    b 5--7--5--7--7---5-7

    roju nee naama smarane
    b 3-5--3--5--3--5--7-5

    prema ee vintalanni
    b 5--7--5--7--7---5-7

    ne vallane
    b 0-3-5-3s5s3 (or 3)

    For Idi naa manase and rojunee nama smarane... one scale higher can be taken...
    But this is ok
  7. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member


    Hey Guitarbala..awesome work dude..pls post as many telugu and tail as possible dude..seriously there is no proper site for good telugu songs..could you post the tabs for malli malli idi rani roju from an awesome IL songs.
  8. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Tabs for Malli Malli idi rani roju

    Tabs for
    song: malli malli idi rani roju
    movie: Rakshasudu

    e ------------------------5--
    b 0-3----3-5----5-3--3-5----5

    malle jaji allukunna roju
    e ------------------------5--
    b 0-3----3-5----5-3--3-5----5

    (same for jabilanti --- venneledi)

    edo ada-gaa--la-ni---
    e 5h7-5h7-5-3----------
    b -------------3--5-7--

    ento che-pa--la-ni---
    e 5h7-5h7-5-3----------
    b -------------3--5-7--

    ragilee-----aa----raa----tam--lo (ragile aaratam lo)
    b 5-7-7-12---10h12--7-h10--5h7--5-3

    b 3-5-7-3

    b 3-5-7-3

    e ----5--
    b 3-5---5

    cheruvina-raya---baa--raa--lee (cheruvina raaya baaralee)
    e 5h7-777---7-5--7-10-7-10-5-4-5

    cheppabothe--mata-mou--nam----- (cheppabothe mata mounam )
    e 5h7-777------7-5--7-12-10h12-7
    (same for duramina... ..bhaava geetham)

    endallo vennallo--ye-mi-che***
    e 3h5-55--3-3-3----000-3------
    b -----------------------3-5-3

    e 3h5-55---3-3-3--0--0--0

    va---san--thalu-en---no--sthunna (vasanthalu ennosthunna)
    e 10p7-10p7--5-4--4-5--5-7--7-7

    koki-lamma-kabur--ee---di-- (kokilama kaburedi)
    e 7-10-10-12-7-12-10-12-10p7
    (same for gunna... .. kaburedi)

    naa--yede---tum----med--iyi-- (na yede tummedai)
    e 7-10-10-12--7-12--10-7--5-4

    san-nidhe--che-ragaa (ending bit) :)) (sannidhe cheraga)
    b 3-7-7-8-10-7-8-7-5-5- 7-3

    p -- pulloff
    h -- hammer on

    Playing it by sliding the fingers would be more beautiful..
    Some sangathis are skipped as they are tough to play
  9. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member


    Thanks Brother. Tons of appreciation to you.I'll try the song right away. Also keep posting all your favourites, it'll help beginners like me.Once again many many thanks.I am big fan of ilayaraja..So any IL telugu songs would be awesome !
  10. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Come up with songs

    I dont have tabs for any song..
    Please come up with songs..
    I will try my best to post them ..
    How come the thread is so dead...
    Not many are coming up ;)
  11. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member

    songs list

    Hey Guitarbala, thanks man.Could you post the tabs for song in santosham-yemainodo yemo nalo, oh papa lali-MateraniChinnadani, varsham-mellaga,manasantha nuvve-title song, na autograph-idi kada love,jhonny--ee reyi tiyyanidi,mounaragam-theme,satya-gali lone mati mati ki,and the background music in movie in shiva when the titles roll at last, I love that music..willl appreciate all your help..I am not sure where you are but if I could meet u I'll definitely give u a party..cheers brother
  12. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Hi Muralee

    I will try my best to post one by one... :D
    Can you send me that Shiva music bit(which comes when titles roll out).
    I want to listen to it.
  13. pradeey

    pradeey New Member

    Hey Guitarbala,

    Nice work dude! Can you tab for the song "My heart is beating".. from the new movie Jalsa??
  14. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member

    hey sure

    Hey Guitarbala, many many thanks dude.Here is the link to shiva background score..once the music starts keep listening and you'll realize the melody part in the song, the melody starts after 1.20 mins in the mp3...will wait for the tabs from u then..

  15. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Tabs for my heart is beating adola

    Movie : Jalsa
    Song: My heart is beating

    my heart is beating Adola
    b 5-5-7-10-9-7-5-7h10h7-5-2

    telusuko vaa Adii.......!!!
    b 5-5-7-10-9-7-12-12-10

    Ennaalli waiting anela
    b 5-5-7-10-9-7-5-7h10h7-5-2

    tharumuthondi MAdiii
    b 5-5-7-10-9-7-12-12-10

    pedavi pai
    e ---------9-12
    b 10-10-12----

    e ---------9-12
    b 10-10-12----

    manasulo unna sangathii
    e ----------9-12-10-9-7-5-4
    b 10-10-12------------------

    e ---------9-12
    b 10-10-12----

    e ---------9-12
    b 10-10-12----

    e ----------9-12-10-9-7-5-4
    b 10-10-12------------------

    tea spoon tonnu baruvav thundey
    e 5-7-7-5-7-9-5-7-5-4-2

    full moon nannu vudukisthundey
    e 5-7-7-5-7-5-7-12-7-9

    love time kaalla kindakochindey
    e 5-7-7-5-7-9-5-7-5-4-2

    landi mine gundelo pelinde
    e 5-7-7-5-7-5-9-12-7h9

    This is the basic tune..
    no major improvisations to the tune are required.
  16. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Shiva background music

    Hi y_muralee,
    This is one of my favorites.
    The lead goes this way

    e 9s10s9-5-------
    b ---------6-8-10

    e -------------10h12-10h12-10
    b 10-8--6-8-10---------------

    b 6-8-10--
    e -------9

    e 9s10s9-5-------
    b ---------6-8-10

    e -------------12--12-13-12
    b 10-8--6-8-10-------------

    e 12h13-12-10-10-12-10-9

    e 10-9----8-9-10--8-10-8-7
    b ------8-------------------

    s - slide
    h - hammer on
    Keep playing until you can improvise the tune.
  17. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member

    Awesome dude !

    Hey Guitarbala..awesome dude..will try rightaway..good to know tht you also like this dude..i'll also wait for other songs that I requested..many many many thanks once again...also would like to know if you have any tips for us to master guitar playing....cheers
  18. Guntur Blues

    Guntur Blues New Member


    Dear Bala,you are right,

    I will post a telugu song video wihthin the next 2 to 3 days!!!I wiil play a song from Happy Days!!!

    bbye Sri.

  19. guitarbala

    guitarbala New Member

    Hi Sri,
    I saw your ilayanila song.
    It is good :D
    Do you mind posting some other songs also that you know...
  20. Guntur Blues

    Guntur Blues New Member


    Dear Bala
    you are absoulutely right about the dearth of Telugu tabs in IGT.
    I am an aspiring guitarist.
    good job on posting the leads for some of the songs.
    I am from AP.I will post a video in the next 2 days,wil play a song from Happy Days.
    I have posted a tamil song though was not too serious about it.but its a great song!!!hav a look at it!!
    It would be great if we could all compare notes!!!!
    There are loads of telugu songs wqhich sound great on guitar!!!!
    Thank you,bye


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