Request any song for tabs.

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  1. Hi guys.
    i have some good free time on my hands (apart from traveling) these days and what better use of free time than the guitar.
    So request any new songs here.
    I can play only tabs. Can't play chords. so, any song, telugu, or tamil, or hindi - any language.
    please make sure you put in the movie name for songs i may not know. Lets tab some songs!!!
    P.S.: i am mostly out traveling on weekends, so expect responses during weekdays.
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  2. demitri

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  3. Hi,
    I'll update after the weekend.
    I tab a little differently, don't use a lot of slide, as it is not easy for a beginner like me.
    The guy in the video is pretty good. I dread using the same string playing, which is very essential for playing slides.
    so, keep watching this space and keep practicing.

  4. This totally skipped out of my mind. I owe you an apology. I hope you have already figured out the tabs.
    It's a difficult song. Please post the tabs if you have them already.
  5. Ayyagari1

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    bro..i need tabs for Devatha song from Potugadu movie(telugu..)..thnx in adv :)
  6. Ramsy

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    Iam learning guitar at home, I am fed up of searching tabs for songs to practice .. please help me in finding the tabs for kamani e premaleka song from Guna.. I have seen few websites for the tabs.. they don't sound according to the song or may Be iam playing it wrong ..
  7. Hi Ramsy,
    Good that you are trying to play more telugu songs. And I am sure you are on the right path too.
    I posted the tabs of kammani ee premalekhane a few years ago on this forum. Later on, I learnt the basics of carnatic music and its use in films. Soon I realized that this song was based on the raga shankarabharanam (or Western scale c major). It means that my earlier tabs were in the wrong key because they included a# as the second note - a# is not a part of c major scale.
    But by that time, life happened. I, like the hundreds of seniors who guided me on igt, got busy with earning my daily bread and could not take an active part on igt.
    If you get tabs as handouts in music.. You'll never grow up as a musician.
    I'll take you up on a challenge. Look up my profile, find the tabs I posted previously for kammani ee premalekhane....
    The tabs start with 7-8 frets on fourth string. Start playing starting on 7-8 frets of fifth string and write down the tabs.
    Post them on the same thread. Make an effort to try. I'll give you complete tabs within 24 hours of a reply from you.

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